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Personal Loan Types

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  When you look for a loan, you should note a few factors to know if the amount and form of payment will fit in your budget. In addition, you need to evaluate the alternatives that are available for your profile. Maybe you have heard about personal loan , so let’s explain better how it […]

University students: loan for merit without guarantees

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  All university students residing in Italy are funded without the need for family or personal guarantees, but only a good performance in their studies: this is a new opportunity offered . First initiative of the Impact Fund , as part of its Business Plan for the categories with difficulty in accessing credit, confirms the […]

How to apply for a mortgage loan: here are 3 things to know

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A dream that comes true, a home of your own. Requesting funding is the right solution to start this project. Let’s find out together, in this 3-point guide, how to apply for a mortgage. 1. The request In order to proceed with the loan application, it is generally expected that the following information will be […]