Gardening: Charlie Albone’s Top Spring Gardening Tips


If you’re thinking about selling your home, or just planning to entertain again this spring and summer, it’s easy to sort through your yard.

Whether you’re looking to take advantage of the booming real estate market and list your home, or just want to clean up the yard in time for spring and summer and the likely easing of health restrictions for entertainment, these simple tips from gardening guru Charlie Albone will help you make your garden look perfect.

“Many Australians fall in love with a garden at the first sight and become attached to a house,” Mr Albone said.

“Making sure you present your garden well to attract buyers will be well worth the investment in time and money.

“A well presented garden will complement a well presented home. “

A landscaper by training, Mr. Albone became a household name on Foxtel’s hit show Selling Houses Australia. He has since joined Better Homes and Gardens.

He was also a guest judge on our exclusive list of Australia’s Top 100 Cool Pools earlier this year and secured a position as a STIHL Ambassador.


High pressure cleaning

Housewives spend hours cleaning and dressing the interior of their home, apply the same to your garden. A great way to freshen up your hard surfaces is to use a pressure washer. They are easy to use, cover a large area quickly, and are affordable to purchase. Clean concrete or paving areas will show your property in their best light and ensure that your home looks clean and well-maintained inside and out.

Prune trees and hedges

While trees near your home can provide many benefits, make sure they haven’t grown on windows and block natural light from entering your home. Prune the trees to make sure the windows capture all the available view and that the natural light available to your home is maximized. Make sure you are using an appropriate tool for the job, you want the trees to be cut cleanly and stay healthy so the new growth will start to shoot.

Straw your garden

Weeds are unsightly at best in your garden. Spreading mulch is a great way to keep weeds from growing, keep moisture in your soil, and keep your garden looking even.

Mow your lawns

The smell of freshly cut grass is intoxicating to many people. A STIHL battery mower is easy to use, lighter and will give your lawn a nice finish. Most importantly, your lawns will look clean and well-groomed, showing how well you’ve taken care of your home and providing ample space for families to use.

Showcase the space and versatility of your garden

Buyers will see your garden differently. Some will hook up and love the plants, some will see areas for their kids to play in, while others will see a lot of hard work and flirting. Showcase the versatility of your garden, from spaces to entertain friends and family, to a rewarding vegetable patch or a beautiful lawn for the kids to play on. Use the assets of your garden to show why your property stands out.

Bring the outdoors inside

Even if you have the smallest of gardens or no garden at all, adding plants and flowers to your home will provide potential buyers with fresh air and lovely scents. Just as some shoppers love the smell of freshly baked bread or cookies, the scent of flowers can have a similar effect on shoppers.

Houseplants are extremely popular, while beautiful cut flowers will add color and fragrance to your home when opened for inspection.

Call an expert to help you

If you haven’t worked in the garden for a while, you might see a lot of work that needs to be done to get your garden ready for sale. Don’t be afraid to hire an expert who can help you prepare your garden or provide you with ideas on how best to showcase your space.

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Traditionally, spring has been the busiest time of year in the property market and this is largely due to the beauty of the gardens over the next few weeks.

Experts, such as Andrew Winter of Selling Houses Australia, offer a neat, well-maintained front garden that can increase your chances of a quick sale.

So if your plan is to sell this spring, or even if it isn’t, now is the perfect time to create a gorgeous front yard. Here’s how.


The first thing many of us look at when we walk around our neighborhoods is the garden. Then the house. Or vice versa. If it’s tidy and neat, it gets a nod of approval.

Then the creative garden flower design and streamlined flow through paths, paving, and features draw you in.

For landscape designer Lee Gray, creating an enjoyable trip home and a warm and inviting ambience is the key to making a front garden a breathtaking and appealing factor.

“The most effective concept to consider when designing an entrance to your home is how to attract visitors from the street to your front door,” she says.

To do this, you need to ensure an easy flow from the edge to the door with paths. Flushing a pedestrian gate is one way to ensure that guests and passers-by also stop and watch as they enter the property.

“When your visitors arrive, they’ve entered your property waiting for your response on an intercom or while they open your gate,” she says.

“This allows visitors to step off the trail and greet them in your home, eliminating the urgency of the wait.”


While a large front garden is always enviable, as anything can be done, Lee says a shallow setback can also be interesting.

“In one project, we aimed to take guests through a garden, creating a journey. To slow down our visitors and improve the experience, we’ve created interesting plant beds that wrap around the entrance steps, ”says Lee.

The use of flowerpots, characteristic trees, and a winding path can turn what would otherwise be a short walk from the street into a mini-park.

“We will also use plantings such as hedges to attract and direct visitors through a garden,” says Lee.

“This is especially useful if our forward path is long or has twists and turns. “


When the terrain configuration is sloping or uneven, large steps come in handy, but they can also literally take your area to the next level. Plan it carefully and it becomes an architectural element that complements a home’s entrance and makes it look like you’ve arrived in style.

“A lot of times we embed large, easy-to-negotiate steps into a layout,” says Lee.

“To keep the steps manageable for all visitors, it is best to work on a 150mm riser. “

The width of your path also matters.

“Consider a trail that’s too wide that allows two visitors to walk side by side to create a friendly, easy-to-navigate open entrance,” she says.

When the ground is flat, but requires visual interest, steps, placed in the lawn or surrounded by stones, can be a design element that divides a larger area, especially in yards with minimal or repeated planting.

“The most important aspect of the jumps is to design them with a pleasant pace that can be covered without concentrating. It is better to avoid small fairy steps or giant leaps, ”advises Lee.


Nothing defines a path or lawn better than a well-maintained hedge or ground cover, but lighting also makes sense after dark. Practical, to avoid tripping in the dark, the lighting of the work path offers owners a safe passage, while welcoming you at home.

Highlighting parts of the garden with warm, glowing light will also add ambiance and, no doubt, value.

“I have had great success using beautiful garden path lights to mark the pathways and help create the welcoming effect,” Lee said.


A planting plan that complements the style of your home is essential in creating a good first impression.

“Framing your home with well-proportioned trees will showcase your facade,” says Lee.

“Taking inspiration from the facade and features of your home in your front fence or street interface will make your home feel like it’s nestled in the landscape. “

But Lee cautions against thick, thick foliage that can detract from the appearance of your home or hide its best features, and make the garden appear smaller. Instead, frame a house with layers and furnishings such as a bench seat, garden artwork, and low plants. Lee also says to remember the edge of the street, which will spatially extend the feel of your front yard.


1. Slow things down

Consider slowing down your guests by creating a path in your entryway. Small pockets of gardens or interesting paving can help achieve this.

2. Frame your house with trees.

Trees will soften your facade and separate you from your neighbors. When selecting trees, look for trees that grow 5m or less for a one-story house. Two-story homes will benefit from taller canopies.

3. Think about trail lighting

Driveway lighting will allow guests to safely exit your property. Look for accessories that are also beautiful during the day. These help guide your guests to the door.

4. Boost your street appeal

Your street edge is an important contributor to your street appeal. The lawn will always look beautiful, but consider ground covers like ivy or myoporum if you want a less maintenance option.

5. Present a jar

A characteristic pot on each side of your front door or a unique pot placed on your veranda or porch will frame the front door and attract your visitors.

6. Plant a hedge

If your driveway is long or winding, a hedge planted with narrow tree alleys will welcome and guide your guests to your front door.

7. Have a bench

Consider including a garden bench as a focal point or focal point in your garden. The garden benches create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

8. Shallow steps

If your property requires entry steps, consider keeping the risers shallower than your interior steps.

Source: Lee Gray Landscape Design


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