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The heat and dryness that we experienced most of the summer has been replaced by frequent torrential downpours. As I said last week, once the ground is saturated, any additional rain simply runs off and cannot be stored except in reservoirs. New York City draws in a billion gallons of water every day, all of which comes from its reservoirs, most of which are located in our area. The drainage ditch across the road from my house which I call ‘Beyfuss Creek’ jumped off its bank after the last 2 inch downpour and washed out part of the road. It happens quite often. I think my local road services like to work on my road. I don’t blame them. I like it here too. In a week or two we will need more rain to replace what the plants are using.

For the first time in the whole summer, I see mushrooms in the woods and on the lawns. My neighbor gave me a scoop of savory puffball I had for dinner and my shiitake mushroom bolts are springing up on their own, without needing to be soaked in my rain barrels. Using rain barrels to soak shiitake bolts is another great reason to have some on your property. Shiitake mushrooms are really quite easy to grow. I hope that one of my favorite fall mushrooms, Maitake, aka “Hen of the Woods” will fruit this year in its usual places, after being absent for the past two or three years.

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