How to water plants when on vacation? Expert gardening tips


PSlanting parents will be able to figure out delaying travel or being worried for the duration of the vacation because no one is home to water their favorite plants.

Since we are in the middle of the holiday season, we speak to Annette Matthew, a resident of Thane in Maharashtra and a gardening expert to allay your doubts.

Gardening for the past eight years, she has grown around 300 varieties of plants with the help of her family and also runs a YouTube channel called Geeks of Green.

Despite her mother and stepmother’s interest in gardening, Annette only took part in her trip to Mussoorie, she visited a relative’s house which was filled with huge varieties of beautiful plants. . She came back with about 40 succulents.

“I started gardening by planting whatever looked good. But I quickly understood that it was necessary to plant according to the space, the sunshine and the other amenities available with us, ”explains Annette.

Her YouTube channel, which launched in 2018, was idle for about eight months until she started posting videos regularly. Today, the channel has more than 80,000 subscribers.


Annette shares some tips on watering plants when you’re away from home. “It’s best to have a friend or relative in or near your house to tend the plants. Nothing equals individual care. But there may be situations where you have no choice but to use a few tips to keep the plants healthy, ”she adds.

To continue gardening even in your absence, Annette says:

Asking a friend / neighbor for help

  • Divide your plants into different categories based on their water needs. Separate them into plants that need water regularly, once a week and 2-3 times a week. This method will help those who offer to help you easily differentiate and water the plants accordingly.
    How to water plants when on vacation?  Expert gardening tips
    Water the plants well before leaving.
  • Keep the plants out of direct sunlight so the soil stays moist longer.
  • Keep all the plants in one place, which will help your friend to remember to water them. Additionally, place the sprinkler equipment together so that it is easy to spot.
  • Water all plants well before leaving. Place them in a shady location with little sunlight.
  • Take a plastic bottle, make small hopes with a needle on top, and place it upside down in the pot so that the water slowly drains to the roots.
    How to water plants when on vacation?  Expert gardening tips
    Place the bottle upside down with holes in the top.
  • If large containers are available in the house, fill them with water and place the pots in them so that the moisture remains in the soil for a long time.
  • To prevent mosquitoes from breeding in the water, spray a solution of three percent hydrogen peroxide and three drops of dish soap mixed with water in the tub.
  • Take a cotton cloth and turn it into a thin rope. Place one end of the rope in a glass of water and the other end inside the pot so that it reaches the roots. This will help retain moisture.
    How to water plants when on vacation?  Expert gardening tips
    The fabric helps retain moisture.
  • Use a mixture that can absorb water. Adding more coconut peat to the mixture will help retain water.
  • Another effective method is mulching in which the plants need to be watered well to add dry leaves or a damp cloth around the plant. Frequent watering is not necessary after implementing this method.

Ready-to-use system

  • Ready-to-use irrigation systems like drip irrigators are available from online shopping sites like Amazon. It comes with a timer and waters the plants at regular intervals.
  • Appropriate drip irrigation systems are available to be implemented for large gardens. It takes money and time to install, but is very convenient to use.

Visit Annette Youtube channel for more information on gardening.

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(Edited by Yoshita Rao)


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