Midland Horticulturist Shares Gardening Tips


Tips for container gardening


Pictured is Stephanie Richardson, Horticulturalist for the City of Midland. (Photo by Edward Hutchison / For the Daily News)

City horticulturalist Stephanie Richardson offers these gardening tips, especially for container gardening:

• With containers, regardless of their size, always use soil without soil. Soil not bagged. Unbagged topsoil. Neither land of bagged tomatoes. If the bag is heavy, you’ve got the wrong thing.

• Choose plants according to this “formula:” thriller-filler-spiller. The thriller attracts attention, the load provides volume, and the spillway provides a drape effect.

• Know the ultimate height of all plants, especially those that go into a container. Choose sizes that complement each other.

• Never, never allow the pot planting to dry out as this – even a few times – paralyzes the plant forever in root and upper surface development.

• Join Richardson to experiment with houseplants in larger containers. For example, the “Jumping Jewels” container plantation near the H hotel features vivid flowering cannas and the houseplant. Tradescantia zebring (Wandering Jew). The contrast in size, shape, texture and colors of the foliage and flowers is breathtaking.


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