Quick gardening tips to transform your garden in under an hour


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With garden parties and outdoor gatherings back on the cards, there’s never been a better time to transform your outdoor spaces. But with the social calendar filling up and that long-awaited hair date eating up your free time, garden maintenance is not high on the priority list.

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Green thumbs and plant lovers will know gardens are long term projects. The key is to keep jobs smaller, often, and be patient with the results. If you start now with small tasks, you’ll thank yourself for having a beautiful flower garden to keep you entertained later this summer.

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To inspire you to get out your pruning gloves, Calum Maddock, gardening expert at HomeHow.com, shared his tips on how you can transform your garden in an hour or less.

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1. Trim the hedges

Overgrown hedges can easily become a nuisance and create large areas of shade, which is not ideal when you’ve spent a year indoors. Trimming your hedges is vital to prevent dead and dying branches from harming plants and people nearby. It can take up to an hour depending on the size, but regular cuts will keep a neat look.

Watch out for birds nesting in your hedges before you start your pruning session – nesting season usually March through August.


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2. Sowing seeds

Growing your own vegetables is a fun, long-lasting way to transform your outdoor space. It’s a quick, inexpensive, and fun way to grow new hardy flowers or vegetables and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Potatoes, peas and strawberries are easy to use if you are inexperienced – the perfect crops for summer salads and smoothies! Purchase seeds online or at your local garden center and follow the step-by-step guide on the package.

All you need are the basic requirements for germination: heat, humidity and oxygen. Most flowers and vegetables need a warm, sheltered spot that attracts the sun, as this keeps the compost moist.

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3. Watering

Before you roll your eyes, watering is actually a more complicated task than it looks. Get it right and your garden will thank you with beautiful blooming flowers and lush green grass. Forget to do this, or over water, and you could end up with a very dead outdoor space.

Before watering your plants, use your finger to check if the soil is wet, watery, or dry. Cacti and succulents are the only plants that survive with infrequent watering. Plants in containers will need more watering than those in borders.

Plants depend on uniform humidity, staying consistent with your schedules will promote root growth. Typically, the water cooled soil in the evening rather than the day when less water evaporates.

A quick tip for thirsty plants like tomatoes is to bury a flowerpot next to it. Once filled with water, it will soak into the ground.


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4. Clean your patio

Decluttering your terrace or rearranging your lounge area will refresh your entire outdoor space! Callum recommends moving all of your pots and furniture to one side and brushing off any debris with a fine bristle brush.

To remove all traces of dirt, mix soap and water or patio cleaner and rub all over for a clean finish. If there are weeds on your patio, spray weedkiller or boiling water directly on it. Avoid pulling them out, otherwise more weeds will have room to grow.

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5. Remove tired plants

Unfortunately, even the most experienced green thumbs occasionally drop dead, tired plants. If you have old shrubs or flowering plants that need to be revived, don’t be afraid to remove them. Old plants can have a negative impact on the overall appearance of your garden.

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Weed killers will help you remove as many unwanted plants as you have, be sure to read the labels to see which product will work best for you. Avoid pulling plants out of the soil as you will rob the soil microbes of a good meal and reduce the fertility of your soil in the long run.

6. Sort your fences

Finish any DIY projects you’ve spurned with this Black & Decker drill. From putting up fences to securing gutters, your garden will experience an incredible transformation. This battery-powered model gives you the flexibility to drill anywhere you need to, meaning you won’t be limited by a pesky wire or lack of power outlets.

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The hammer action also makes it easier to work on hard surfaces, like brick and concrete, so setting up shelves or hanging flower baskets outdoors has never been easier.

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